It's Me, It's Me, It's Me!

A few days ago I actually took a moment to sit on our deck enjoying my morning coffee as I read the scripture verse for the day.  If you donʼt have “The Bible” app I highly recommend it.

As I sat, taking in the moment, I began to notice the chirping of the many different sounds. There was a conversation going on, from tree to tree.  I felt a gentle morning breeze and could hear its calm sound as it too came from the beautiful green, lush trees.  Then I looked up to see a beautiful blue sky with a few puffy white clouds floating along.  The sun began to send out its rays of light as it warmed the air.  Flowers were blooming , the grass rich and green with weeds peeking through here and there.  Do you have the picture in your mind?

I thought to myself, “that is like God’s voice saying, “Evelyn, itʼs Me!” Wow! For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and in earth, visible and invisible, ......all things have been created by Him. (Colossians 1:16). Yes, yes, it definitely was His voice I was hearing.  With a moment of awe in my heart, my response was, “God, itʼs me” as I began my prayer.  The great thing, I knew He knew it was me because scripture tells me the shepherd knows his sheep, he knows their voice.  He’s my Shepherd so He recognized my voice, He knew it was me.  Wow again! 

How precious it is to be aware of His presence, aware of His creation, feel His love.
So, as I Echo out my message to you Iʼm saying, “itʼs me” via computer land to tell you that you are dear to my heart.  Iʼm blessed and honored you are a part of my life!  Which leads me to say another “wow” what a birthday celebration you gave us.  Thank you, thank you for everything you did for us!
I hope you will have a moment this week when you stop and hear God say to you, “itʼs Me!”