Sunday Re open!

Per Governor of Virginia phase 1 for opening back up the economy will begin Friday, May 15th. Churches are included in phase 1, which means we will be able to open on Sunday, May 17th, and have service in our sanctuary!
As exciting as this is, we do not desire to return in full steam. Based on recommendations put forth by the VA state government these are some of the steps we as First Christian Church will be taking as we re-open this coming Sunday.
We will continue to start our service at 10:30am! Please be aware of that service change, I have received a good handful of responses in favor of that start time.
Recommendations put forth:
  1. People 70 & older are advised to remain at home until we see how things play out during our phase 1 reopening
  2. People with disabilities, people with serious respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, people who are immunocompromised should not gather in person just yet
  3. It is recommended to wear face coverings and still practice social distancing
  4. It is recommended to not exceed 50% seating capacity (includes seats on the platform, main downstairs seating area and balcony)
Our request from First Christian Church leadership:
If you are symptomatic, have a fever, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, or traveled internationally or to a domestic hot spot in the last two weeks PLEASE STAY HOME! For protection of others, we will have to ask you to return home if you come compromised in health. Please give us grace as we try our best to move forward with wisdom and in the heart of respecting others. Yes, we believe in healing and we are contending for the fullness of that to be manifest. With that belief we still feel it wise to be safe as we step out in faith, aligning ourselves with the Truth of what Jesus did and who He is for us!
What we have put in place as a church:
  1. A huge deep clean has been done to our church building
  2. Only every other pew will be able to be seated in. In the balcony, there must be a three-chair space between individuals or family units.
  3. Communion will be prepacked (handed to you as you walk in), no passing of the plate
  4. Offering plates will be at the front and back of the church, not passing plate around
  5. No children’s ministry is requested until after phase 1. They will sit with us in service.
  6. We will be able to check temperature if needed
  7. There will be one way in and one way out
  8. There will be sanitation areas for your hands