The Longer I Serve Him

I've (we've) had some experiences of late I will most definitely not put in the easy column of life. Lest I weary you with too many stories, I will go back to December when Pastor had surgery to remove the tumor from around his sciatic nerve. At the very same time, our dear Iler Walden was in intensive care, very ill. As I went to visit Pastor, I would also go see Iler. Seeing her sweet expressions of love and trust in the Lord was encouragement I can’t describe. It so happened, during the same stretch of time, our dear Laura Anderson was also in the hospital. I would go visit with her, and the smile on her face and the sweetness of her spirit made me so ashamed. My attitude during difficulty wasn’t always with a smile. I’ve watched Iler and Laura, both with terrible physical problems, and I knew without a doubt that during the years of their lives Jesus had become sweeter and sweeter. Both ladies (and those two are exactly that, ladies) very countenance told me the longer they served Him the sweeter He had grown. Let me come to more recent days. Our dear Ralph Branson . . . his mind may have declined, but start talking about Jesus and His face lit up. Jesus had become dearer to him with each day—he never stopped loving or trusting Jesus. Now I come to this week. I go to help at my in-law’s house. It’s time to bless the food at the meal. I  ask Beth,  my mother-in-law, if she would like to pray. The words that came from a sometimes confused mind had no confusion as to the sweetness of Jesus to her. Before leaving their house, we went to the living room to sit by the piano and sing precious songs of hope and encouragement. We had a beautiful trio going. Mom and dad Peak had not lost their song. Jesus had become sweeter. Each of these I’ve mentioned are not youngsters anymore but I can tell you I had not one doubt of how sweet Jesus was to them. They each told me so . . . not always in words but, oh, I heard them loud and clear saying,  “The Longer I Serve Him the Sweeter He Grows.” How is it in your life? Does Jesus become sweeter to you? Do you find yourself singing, “‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus" with more fervor? Take a moment to stop and think how sweet Jesus is to you. Is He growing sweeter the longer you serve him?