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miracle needed
posted by: Inge Sisk on 3/14/2014

Jim's cousin's son, Dristen Duncan (16) is in the Hospital in Roanoke. He has been diagnosed with Crohns disease and he is in critical condition. He losing blood and he has had 3 blood transfusions. He is in desperate need of a miracle. God bless you for praying! Inge and Jim
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Jim's Brother Mike
posted by: Inge Sisk on 3/6/2014

Mike is in the Hospital. He has been coughing up blood and they think he has a mild case of pneumonia. He is someewhat better today. Thanks for praying..Inge & Jim
I will pray 71 people are praying.
posted by: Dottie corey on 10/30/2013

We would like for everyone to pray for Dottie Corey she has been fighting Mrsa (staff infection) for the last 2 weeks just keep her in your prayers
I will pray 71 people are praying.
thanking God for His blessings
posted by: Debbie Keith on 4/28/2012

I am thanking God for his blessings and provisions during my recent knee replacement surgery. I wish thank all those who have faithfully held me up in prayer over these past weeks. It feels wonderful to once again be able to be in the house of the Lord!!
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Knee Replacement Surgery
posted by: Debbie Keith on 12/29/2011

Something came up funky in my blood work during my pre-op for my knee replacement surgery. I had to see a hematologist today and they drew 13 vials of blood and it will take nearly 2 weeks to get all the results back. I have had to post-pone my surgery until February. Please pray that I will either get an all clear or that it will be easily treatable. I want to be able to come back to church soon, I miss you guys!
I will pray 116 people are praying.
posted by: Barb on 7/3/2011

i would like prayer for healing in husbands heart for restoration in marriage he says that after 29yrs of marriage he is not in love with me and I love him just like the day we married. We both are christians and he says that God can not heal us if we stay in marriage and I know that God is the god of the impossible and Satan is trying to destroy marriage our family, his family and my family and I told him that my heart tells me that the divorce he wants is wrong. So I aks for prayer for restoration in husbands relatioship with me and marriage.
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Prayer List
posted by: Pastor Herb on 6/30/2011

Please pray for: Marvin Cummins; Gina’s mom, Sally Rudy, and her sister Cheryl Venable; Laura & Allen Anderson: Zella Roberts; Betty & Dorothy’s sister, Edith Wilson; Jacqui Moore, Eddie Stout’s mom; Iler’s brother Charles Payne; Lillian Miller; Katherine Felix’s son -in-law, John Edwards; Dick Chittum; Francis & Ralph Branson; Phil Rust’s wife and mother; Iler Walden; Pastor Herb & Ev; our Church, our Nation; our Troops & our President. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
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